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Disc Interchange Conversion Services
Mainframe & AS400 Conversion Services
We offer expert data conversion services for IBM Mainframe and AS/400 platforms. We perform EBCDIC to ASCII conversions, IBM tape conversions, IBM database conversions, IBM to PC file conversions, and more! We convert COBOL packed, signed, comp, and comp-3 fields and other complex IBM database elements.

IBM data conversion IDs: AS/400, iSeries, eSeries, System-i, zOS, OS400, COBOL, EBCDIC to ASCII, DB2, IBM databse conversion, COBOL conversion, AS/400 tape, Convert EBCDIC data
We are VAX VMS, Alpha VMS, & Open VMS data and media conversion experts. All VAX & Alpha tape formats are supported. VAX tape conversion, VAX file conversion, VAX media conversion & VAX tape restore are our specialty! DISC expertly converts VMS files to PC files.

VAX VMS Conversion IDs: VAX, VMS, Alpha, TK, VAX tape, Vax restore, VAX to PC, VMS file conversion, VAX/VMS, convert DEC, DEC VAX conversion, DEC VAX VMS restore VAX tape
PC, Macintosh, Unix & Netware Conversions
We support DOS, Windows, Macintosh, UNIX, Linux & Netware platforms. Restore computer tape from Veritas Backup Exec, ArcServe, Retrospect, TAR, Dump. Convert SyQuest, Bernoulli, JAZ, ZIP, Iomega, Magneto Optical, Floptical, LS-120, Floppy,Cassette, QIC, Colorado, Mountain and many other media and tape formats.
PC tape conversion IDs: QIC tape, Travan, MLR, SLR, SyQuest, Bernoulli, ZIP, JAZ, MAC, Iomega, Macintosh, DOS, Windows, UNIX, Linux, TAR, Dump, restore backup, Floppy, MO Disk
Complete tape to tape services
Hundreds of tape drives allow us to offer thousands of "tape-to-tape" transfer options. Our service is fast & accurate. Copy computer tape, convert tape format, consolidate tapes, duplicate tapes expertly. We support IBM Mainframe tape copy, IBM AS400 tape copy, VAX tape copy and PC tape copy.

Computer Tape Copy IDs: Copy tape, transfer tape, convert tape, "tape to tape", duplicate tape, consolidate tape, tape conversion, tape copy, tape transfer, tape copy
Additional Services:
>  Repeat Conversions 
Make DISC your

>  Word Processing 
DISC convert most Word Processing formats!

>  CD DVD Replication 
Check out our CD & DVD Duplication Services!
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DISC is adept at repetitive conversions and data distribution. Automating conversions for top efficiency is what we do best. Repeat conversions are offered special pricing structures as well as rapid turn-around.
Our word processor conversions are of the highest quality. We can convert over 180 Word Processor formats including, IBM Displaywriter, Lanier, Volkswriter , Wang, Word Perfect and much more. Check out our complete list.
Bulk media services, including:
• DVD replication
• (DVD 5, DVD 9, DVD 10, DVD 14, DVD 18, and DVD Audio)
• CD audio replication
• CD-ROM replication
• CD-R duplication

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